810 Cards, New Guns and Bikinis In This New Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash Info!

810 Cards, New Guns and Bikinis In This New Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash Info!


I’ve been following Senran Kagura: Beach Beach Splash pretty intently these days, but I never really gave myself the time to talk about it. The good thing about that is that the info keeps piling, which gives me more to talk about, with the newest piece of news being a ton of new screenshots from Famitsu magazine showing Hebijo and Homura’s Crimson Squad in action in the brand new 3rd person water gun shooter.

As you might expect, they look great and still hold true to their personalities. On top of seeing more combat screenshots, we now see more menus and details regarding the card system and the different ways to customize your loadout. There’s a ton to look at, so get ready!

First off, we have finishers, in which you can completely soak the girls in water in crazy ways, similar to the environmental finishers that one would find in Estival Versus. Aiming your weapon at certain body parts will cause swimsuit malfunctions amongst other types of results. Speaking of results, we mentioned before that there was a card-based loadout system in the game; and how we have information that there are over 810 different “Big Boobs HyperCards” that define what weapons you’ll use, what power-ups you have and even what companions will fight at your side.

Within all of these cards, they are divided by 10 different types and all of them can be leveled up and fused for more power. Here are a few of them:

Weapon Cards: Pretty self-explanatory. These cards represent the weapons you’ll be using. You can only equip one per loadout. Some weapons are more compatible with certain cards than others. The new screenshots show some of these weapons in action, like handguns, sniper rifles shower and spray guns. Of course, they all have their advantages and disadvantages regarding power and water consumption.

Otomo Cards: Support characters, basically. They all have different abilities like support or attacking people. You’re able to equip of these at a time. Some of these “Otomo” cards will include a giant Bebeby balloon and Kafuru’s dolphin coming out to help. Hopefully the rubber ducky from the trailer is also one of those cards.

Skill Cards: These we assume will be the vast majority of the cards available, considering how you’re able to equip six of these at a time. These cards can be used for buffs and debuffs that apply to both the player and their opponents. Again, these cards can be more effective depending on what weapons you combine them with.

The game is now available for pre-order for it’s March 17th 2017 release on the Japanese PSN store, which if you do, you’l get some nice outfits and items, which you can see below.


Well, it certainly seems like the game is going to be much more involved than we thought. What at first seemed like Splatoon with hot anime girls now looks like a much more complex thing that is full of content and different ways to play. I really am curious to see how this all works, but for now, we can only wait for more updates. Anyway, enjoy all of these screenshots from Famitsu Magazine, and the bigger, better versions that I shamelessly stole from Dualshockers, who have been a great source of Senran Kagura-related information recently. Go check them out!

You can check out the pictures down below, or simply look at them through a gallery I set up on the site here.