First Character Trailer Out For God Wars: Future Past!

NIS America has come out with the first in a series of character trailers for their new strategy game God Wars: Future Past. The characters are the following:

  • Kaguya: The 3rd daughter of Queen Tsukuyomi of Fuji
  • Kinaro and the Myriad God
  • Kuma: Literally just a big muscly bear man. He’s pretty cool.
  • Sakuya: Kaguya’s older sister
  • Tsukuyomi: The Queen of Fuji
  • Hanasaka
  • Aome
  • Katsuragi
  • Ookami

Yeah, for a first in a series of trailers, it’s carrying a ton of characters with a bit of story to tell for each of them. The game will mostly tell stories about the origins of Japan through the battle of three nations. Of course, all of these characters have different classes and roles to play in the game, which can contribute to the your strategy when playing. You can read more about the game on NIS America’s official page.

Look out for God Wars: Future Past on June 16 (Europe), June 20 (North America) and June 22 (Japan) for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.