Ikki Tousen Characters Return As Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash DLC


There are many fighting game series like Soul Caliber and Super Smash Bros. that tend to have crossover characters that don’t make it back for any of the sequels. This tends to be a bit disheartening, so it’s always great when seeing crossover characters continue on in future titles. This is the situation with Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash, in which the Ikki Tousen characters have now come back, and now with a brand new addition. On top of the returning three characters Kan’ u, Sonsaku and Ryofu, we now have Ryomou, making it 4 characters from Ikki Tousen making it onto PBS. Of course, these pieces of character DLC tend to come with dolls, banners and more costumes, and that’s exactly what’s happening. We’re even getting something extra in the form of new Ikki Tousen cards, which of course, look exactly how you think they do.

The video above is a trailer for all of the new characters and the new items available for download now for the Japanese version of the game. Considering how there were licensing issues with bringing the Ikki Tousen characters over for Estival Versus, who knows if they’ll show up quickly on the western version of PBS. Eventually they did get brought over, so I guess it’s more a matter of patience more than anything. For now, enjoy the video and some screenshots! I’m personally very happy about this, since I’ve been asking for these characters to come back for a while now.