Preapp and Acttil Announces Showmaker, A 3D Concert Creation Tool


Acttil and Preapp have announced Showmaker, a creation tool for Steam and HTC Vive that allows you to create your own concerts featuring Miss Monochrome. The software is due out worldwide in winter in English, Japanese and Chinese languages. You can watch an announcement trailer for it above.

Acttil has a brief overview of the game:

“Showmaker will let you become a virtual music producer and program every element of your live stage performances however you want. You can also experience your creations in VR for a more lively home experience. Showmaker connects users worldwide as both producers and fans, allowing you to create even bigger and better shows along with them!”

In my opinion, this looks like a great opportunity for people’s creativity to go wild. Considering how many people like to make Miku Miku Dance videos with Vocaloid characters that feature more than just concerts, this might be the newest thing to flock to. If done right, Showmaker could be the new MMD. Hopefully it doesn’t try to be restrictive in what you can do, considering how it claims that the software will be shaped by what the users come up with. Either way, I’m excited to see what people do with this very pretty-looking tool. And now, I leave you with some screenshots: