Summer Lesson: Allison Snow Seven Days Garden Is Out Now!


Bandai Namco has now released the second Summer Lesson game called Allison Snow Seven Days GardenThere is now a second trailer out that shows off a significant chunk of the game, including more dialogue and even outfits for Allison to wear. The game is now available on the Japanese PlayStation Network Store for PlayStation VR. The regular game costs 2,980 yen and the Deluxe Pack (which includes four pieces of DLC) costs 8,320 yen.

If you ask for my opinion, I’m loving the new Summer Lesson game. The music is awesome, the visuals are beautiful and the trailer definitely sets the tone for what to expect when going into this new story. I just hope that there’s some sort of Asia release with English subtitles that I can get into, similar to how the Hikari Miyamoto game had a physical release with subtitles. However, Allison Snow herself actually speaks English in the game, so maybe it might not be that difficult to get into.

Source:  876TV (Youtube)

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