Arika’s “Mysterious Fighting Game” Has 50 Minutes of Gameplay Online


During EVO 2017, the company Arika announced an untitled project for 2018 on PS4. Currently named the “Mysterious Fighting Game,” it has begun development and will hit North America, Japan and Europe at the same time when it releases.The game will apparently be a new entry in the EX series, but there is still no official title for it yet.

There will also be a beta for the game somewhere along the end of this year. with Japanese pre-orders opening up at the same time as the beta. You can watch the announcement trailer above and 50 minutes of gameplay below. You might notice, almost immediately, that the game still need to be worked on a lot more, particularly in the sound department. The game won’t come until next year, so it’s understandable to see it look so rough. Despite that, they were still confident enough to show off a significant part of the game, which I can respect. If I think it looks pretty okay in its current state, then I can’t wait for next year, when developments has advanced.

Source: Arika (Youtube)