Superbeat: Xonic Coming to Switch! New DLC Tracks Announced!

If you read my review of Superbeat: Xonic, then you’ll know that I think it’s great. After having such a good time with it, I feel happy that others will be able to play on other platforms. Rising Star Games has announced that Superbeat: Xonic will be coming out for the Nintendo Switch on October 3 in North America. The game will be essentially the same as the other versions, but now with the added perk of being able to use the Switch’s functionality to play either on a TV or in a portable fashion. You watch the trailer for the Switch version above.

In addition to that, PM Studios have also announced their plans to release new DLC tracks for the game. The tracks are the following:

  • “Rackin’ Gravity” by 7 Sequence (free to download)
  • “Neko-kun” by Basiscape (Part of the August 15 bundle)
  • “Select, Start” by Steven Silo (August 15 bundle)
  • “Donut Island” by Steven Silo (August 15 bundle)
  • “Oh-Wei-Oh” by Bentley Jones (Part of the August 29 bundle)
  • “Stutta 2.0” by Bentley Jones (August 29 bundle)
  • “Talk 2 U” by Bentley Jones (August 29 bundle)

The Nintendo Switch versions will have all of these songs available for free when it arrives in October. For all the other versions however, you will need to play either $4.99 for the two bundles or $1.99 for individual songs.

Source: Gematsu (1), (2)


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