10 Minutes of Local Co-op Footage from the Secret of Mana Remake


One of the things that stand out the most about Secret of Mana, and also the thing fans remember about it the most, is that it allows up to three players to play together. RPGs are usually single-player experiences, so providing co-op is certainly one way for games like these to stand out. It’s a nice idea that most games never play around with, which leads us to the current Secret of Mana remake announced by Square Enix.

During an official live stream for the game, Square Enix debuted a few minutes of gameplay showing off its co-op feature. Just like the original, you can play locally with up to three other people. Unfortunately, there will not be any online support in order to play with others over an Internet connection. I personally don’t play Secret of Mana for the multiplayer, but I can definitely see people going, “Oh, come on! It’s 2017 for God’s sake!”

Anyway, feel free to watch the footage from the live stream above. I highly recommend you just skip to where the footage is at (1:08:49-1:18:57), because the vast majority of the stream is Japanese people talking, and if you don’t know the language, then it will obviously not to anything for you.

Look out for Secret of Mana as a digital-only release for PlayStation 4, PS Vita and PC worldwide on February 15, 2018. The exception to this is the Japanese release, which will have physical versions of the PS4 and PS Vita version. I really wish that were the case for North America.