Thatgamecompany’s Sky Has 6 Minutes of Gameplay Released

IGN has uploaded a video as part of their “IGN First” segment where they showed six minutes of Thatgamecompany’s newest game Sky.

In the video, Jenova Chen talks over the whole thing, speaking about how they wanted to great a child-like adventure that the whole family can enjoy, with light and darkness being the main theme. The gameplay shows a few cutscenes, interactions with real people and some puzzle solving. Visually, the game is very reminiscent of Journey, and maybe a little bit of Flower. It was very colorful and pleasant to the eye in the same way a CGI Disney movie would be.

In addition, they also mention how they designed the controls for a touchscreen. Most of the game will be played through swipes of a finger, with occasional on-screen buttons to press.

In my opinion, I think the game is looking pretty great. Initially, I had no idea what to expect, but now I can see where they are heading much more clearly. They very much want this to be a family-oriented experience, which makes me interested in seeing how this plays out. This game company has never truly disappointed in any of their releases, so I am confident they know what their doing with their phone-specific online family game.

Sky will be released first on iOS and Apple TV. I assume that it will the other main consoles like the PS4, just like all the previous releases from the company.

Source: IGN (Youtube)

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