Game Review – Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta

It’s been too long, but I’m back with another one of these. Been wanting to “review” this one for a long time, and hopefully I’m able to do more videos in this style. I enjoyed making this a lot. The reception has been overwhelmingly positive and it have definitely inspired me to keep making videos like these.

I’m thinking of also doing a written review to accompany the video as well. Since the video takes so much work and time, I only have the script for the video, but not necessarily a written and proofread review in the usual way that I do it. However, the whole review process will feel a lot more complete to me if I just type out the review in the usual way. Like , that it doesn’t feel like I’m just posting Youtube links as website posts, which feels kind of lazy to me. If I ever do a written review for this, I’ll be sure to add it to this post.

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