Gal Gun 2 Launches in April for Both Europe and North America

I reviewed Gal Gun: Double Peace a while back, and I remember enjoying it, but not necessarily blowing me away. Even then, I am still excited to see how the sequel mixes it up. Gal Gun 2 is the newest installment coming out for PS4 and Nintendo Switch, containing new features and characters that vary up the gameplay more than last time. However, if you have played Gal Gun VR on Steam before, then you know exactly what you are getting into with this, considering the gameplay elements are almost identical.

With this latest trailer, they reveal both the European and North American release dates, which is April 13 and April 24 respectively. Fair warning though, the trailer is filled with the same horrible puns that the Double Peace trailers had as well, so get ready for that.

Source: PQubeGames(Youtube)

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