Tekken 7 Is Getting Summer Lesson Costumes

I’m not the biggest Tekken 7 player, so I tend to always be out of the loop on updates for this very popular fighting game. Turns out there have been crossovers with Taiko Drum Master and even the Idolm@ster series of all things. And now, it seems like the arcade version of Tekken 7 (Tekken 7: Fated Retribution) will have a collaboration event with the Japanese PlayStation VR game Summer Lesson. This will go down on April 4, but there is no real confirmation that this will ever come to the console versions, let alone arrive in Western territories. The Idolm@aster and Taiko Drum Master did eventually arrive everywhere else, so having this event based on a PlayStation VR-exclusive property not show up to consoles would be strange. The following is what the crossover will contain:

  • Hikari Miyamoto costumes for Asuka, Kazumi, Josie, and Eliza
  • Allison Snow costumes for Xiaoyu, Katarina, Master Raven, and Nina
  • Chisato Shinjo costumes for Lili, Lucky Chloe, and Alisa
  • Summer Lesson collaboration interface
  • “Fluffy Allison” item (usable by all characters)
  • “Fluffy Chisato” item (usable by all characters)
  • “Fluffy Hikari” item (usable by all characters)

In my opinion, I think this is awesome. Tekken 7 has always had a ridiculous side to it that the developers take advantage of by allowing hilarious character customizations. Seeing such a diverse set of collaborations opens up the gates for many possibilities that I look forward to.

Source: tekkenchannel(Youtube), Tekken Official