Improve Your Zoom Meetings With These Video Game Backgrounds

Improve Your Zoom Meetings With These Video Game Backgrounds

I never knew that Zoom existed until everyone started using it for some reason during the COVID-19 lockdown. Apparently, something you can do is add backgrounds for you to Chroma Key yourself onto, which I can see being both fun and utterly destructive for your online courses. In an unexpectedly nice gesture, there have been a ton of game companies that have come out to share some cool-looking backgrounds from their own games. Not only that, but there are other companies like GKIDS Films and DC Comics that have provided some art for people to use. I don’t personally use Zoom at all, but this seems like a fun set of images to use for videos or streams. You can check out the images below from their original sources and download whichever ones you want.

Street Fighter Backgrounds


Granblue Fantasy Backgrounds


SNK Backgrounds


Puyo Puyo Backgrounds


Final Fantasy VII Remake Backgrounds


Promare (GKIDS Films)


DC Comics Backgrounds

The backgrounds below are just a few of them. Click the link above to view them all:

Source: Street Fighter (Twitter), Granblue Fantasy (Twitter), SNK (Twitter), Puyo Puyo (Twitter), Final Fantasy VII (Twitter), GKIDS Films (Twitter), DC Comics


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