My Reaction to the PlayStation 5 Reveal!

This was quite an enjoyable presentation! There was minimal amount of people speaking in buzzwords and the games did most of the talking. There were a lot of expected announcements like the newest Spider Man game, Horizon II: Forbidden West and showing off what the console looks like. But, there were also some things that came out of left field for me, such as Resident Evil VIII, a Demon’s Souls remake and a new Ratchet & Clank game. In between the big stuff, there was also a ton of smaller. indie stuff and had a lot of promise. Overall, during a time of quarantine where all the major gaming events have been canceled, it’s nice to get hype over new games again.

I originally did this as a live stream for my job at GameTree, but it wasn’t getting a ton of views, so I decided to make an edited version showing the highlights and posting it on my main channel so it gets more visibility. If you’re interested in watching the whole thing with no cuts, then you can watch it here.

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