Very similar to my WarioWare Gold review, the text below is just a small summary of my thoughts about SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy. I never got around to writing an full thing for this game, because my website was down at the time and didn’t have anywhere to post it anyway, so I just made a video for it. In any case, if you want to skip the video and just get my short and sweet thoughts on it, you can read them and use the video as an expansion of it.


  • Very easy to understand and get into
  • The visual effects when fighting are entertaining to watch
  • Costumes and customizing the characters is fun
  • All the characters are fun to play with
  • Items make the fights more fun


  • On Switch version, frame rate is very inconsistent. Runs better on Tablet?
  • Combat mechanics are WAY TOO SIMPLISTIC. Doesn’t lend itself to a lot of complexity.
  • No crouching, dedicated block button, dedicated specials button, no low attacks, you can only win via finishing moves.
  • Options are severely lacking. No way to change number of rounds, so fights are incredibly short.
  • Size of text WAY TOO SMALL. Big problem on tablet mode.
  • The story is complete nonsense. Horrible attempts at comedy and dialogue scenes that lead to nothing. Empty references with no point to them at all.


This game is good and fun to play if you are a casual fighting game player. If you want something as simple as Pocket Rumble, then this is the 3D-rendered version of that. If you are the kind of guy that is really serious and particular about how you think fighting games should be played, then you will very likely get frustrated with SNK Heroines. I would hesitate to say that it’s bad, it just feels like the game is lacking in all the places that mattered the most to me. Everything that is there is enjoyable, but I can’t help but feel that this could’ve been so much more than what it ended up being.

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